BidSettle.com was created by two friends to allow better access to justice for all. Here’s their story …

March 2015, Montreal.

“I don’t know about you, but I became a lawyer to help people in real need.”

“With the help of technology, maybe we could offer something for the middle class and small businesses.”

“Certainly! Right now, the legal market doesn’t really have an offer for the less fortunate. However, technology allows us to do so much more for citizens!”

“Businesses have already developed web applications to allow people to make logos, graphics, accounting, taxes, etc. Why don’t we do that in law?”

“If we can prove that helping real people, like you and I, can pay off, then we can change the world.”

BidSettle’s mission was born: to provide access to justice for the middle class through automation and innovation.


  • Social Justice
  • Transparency
  • Equity
  • Integrity


  • Social commitment – to be an impact social actor to actively lead the battle towards access to justice.
  • Democratization of the law – justice belongs to all. We are working to give people tools so that they can understand and assert their rights.


  • 2015: Philippe and Alexandre meet and a reflection on the future of law begins.
  • 2016: BidSettle.com is launched in Quebec.
  • 2016: BidSettle.com wins first prize in the OSEntreprendre competition for the Montreal region.
  • 2017: BidSettle.com is available across Canada.
  • 2017: Some prizes: BidSettle.com wins the merit of the Barreau du Québec for innovation and access to justice.
  • 2017-2018: The company is the most recognized Legaltech in Quebec; it is a finalist or won a series of entrepreneurship awards including: OSEntreprendre, La Ruche Académie, CBA’s The Pitch, GrindSpace XL…
  • 2018: In a few months, the company served more than 1000 customers.
  • 2018: BidSettle formalizes a partnership with Protégez-Vous to offer tools to consumers in Quebec.
  • 2019: BidSettle launches a small claims support tool and a family mediation service.
  • 2020: BidSettle.com expands its services in Ontario.
  • 2020: BidSettle signs a major partnership with the Canadian Bar Association, Quebec division.

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